Planned Parenthood’s quiet ‘War on Women’

Many on the US political left are prattling on about an imaginary “War on Women” these days. But did you know that Planned Parenthood is quietly carrying out “gendercide” – the elimination of female babies by sex-selected abortion?

Although this heinous practice is known to be widespread in repressive, communist regimes like China, Planned Parenthood affiliate clinics throughout the United States are also engaging in this very real war:

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air reports that the Planned Parenthood employee in this video has since been fired. Apparently the murder of female preborn babies continues unhindered.

Why did 8 people change their stance on abortion in just seconds?

WARNING – This film contains graphic scenes not intended for children.

Most Americans have an opinion about abortion.

Some see it as simply a woman’s choice: exercising control over her own body. Others say it’s birth control to prevent unwanted children. It’s a safe medical procedure, they argue, that prevents unnecessary suffering when a mother can’t care for the child. And it’s legal, they hasten to add.

How could people like that change their opinion of abortion in mere seconds?

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