School district bars mother from praying on school steps

Concord, New Hampshire High School

Concord, New Hampshire High School

A mother in Concord, New Hampshire will no longer be allowed to pray on school property after district officials decided to end to the practice, following a complaint from an atheist activist organization.Lizarda Urena has been praying on the steps of the Concord High School auditorium every morning since February. She began the tradition after bullets were found in one of the school bathrooms, and at first, would read Scripture aloud and pray for the protection of the students – including her two teenage children, who attend the high school.For nearly four months, Urena’s practice of praying at the school continued without a complaint, and officials took no issue with her presence.

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Gov. Rick Perry’s latest controversy: drunk or sober?

Some watched and listened to Gov. Rick Perry’s recent speech in New Hampshire and speculated that perhaps the Republican Presidential hopeful was drunk.

During his October 28, 2011 presentation at the Cornerstone annual awards and fundraising dinner, Perry re-asserted his conservative credentials and offered details about his flat tax proposal.

We watched the entire speech, and we’re not quite sure why anyone would conclude the governor had imbibed too much before speaking. Perhaps the governor’s critics aren’t familiar with the cadence or speech patterns of Texans or southerners?

The audio is a little soft, but here’s the full, 25-minute speech Perry delivered before a Manchester, New Hampshire audience: