Best 7-minute gun rights speech ever?

Gun SpeechThe United States added 10 amendments — a Bill of Rights — to the Constitution in 1791. The second is just 27 words long, and quite easily understood:

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The presenter in this video is conservative blogger Bill Whittle. His remarks make more sense than most speeches we’ve heard recently regarding gun rights:

What would you like to hear leaders say about the Second Amendment and your right to keep and bear arms?

If your senator doesn’t sound like this, you need a new senator

Vicki MarbleColorado Democrats have proposed one bill after another to restrict citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms. Watch Republican Senator Vicki Marble stand firm against the tyranny of gun grabbers, demanding that “the demonizing of law-abiding citizens has to stop.”

Hat tip to our friend Ed Clayton, @1ecgoinguy on Twitter.

How should you speak to ruling class buffoons?

Newtown parent Bill StevensHow should you speak to the high and mighty ruling class buffoons in Washington, D.C.?

Politicians and bureaucrats think you’re a bumpkin who just fell off the turnip truck. They think you can’t read the Constitution. They think you’re stupid because you didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school. They think your religion is goofy. They think the way you raise your kids is narrow. They think you aren’t smart enough to make your own decisions about most areas of your life. They’re positive they can put your money to better use than you can. They’re sure you’re a bigot, and would call you a racist to your face, if they had the chance.

They think you own a gun because you’re a violent, dangerous person. If you own more than one gun, they are certain you’re a criminal, and a potential mass murderer.

They don’t respect you. They aren’t looking out for you. Nor are they looking out for the Constitution.

So how should you speak to arrogant, pompous members of Congress? Watch as Newtown, Conn. parent Bill Stevens explains his Constitutional rights to those he correctly identifies as ruling class buffoons:

Stevens delivers a number of lines that make many members of Congress look like a Constitutionally ignorant gang of gun-grabbing zealots. His best zinger, in our opinion: “911 will be dialed after the security of my home has been established.”

That is exactly how you speak to the dolts running the country today.

Bank of America opposes your Second Amendment rights

Anti-Gun-BOAIf you have any financial dealings with Bank of America, it’s probably time to close your accounts. The financial giant has long been connected to corruption and illegal activity (including acquisition of the smarmy train wreck known as Countrywide Financial). Now BoA’s open hostility to the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is being exposed.

According to Kelly McMillan, director of operations for McMillan Group International, a representative of BoA told him directly that they no longer wanted to do business with the company because of its connections to the firearms industry.

The manufacturer promptly dumped corrupt BoA. According to McMillan, the company is working to select a financial institution that not only tolerates, but strongly supports, our right to keep and bear arms:

McMillan is a Phoenix-based manufacturer of fiberglass and wood gun stocks. Their website is

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A message for law enforcement and military

Second AmendmentStatists who hold power in Washington, DC, state capitals, major U.S. cities, and even small towns like Burlington, Vermont have revealed their game plan to “eliminate ‘gun violence.'” Unchecked, this effort will undoubtedly produce the same kind of results as the Federal government’s largest abject failure, the “War on Poverty.” More Federal gun control will also fail, and lead to terrible disasters throughout the country.

Real Americans know that gun control laws have unintended consequences. When gun ownership is severely restricted or outlawed, only criminals have guns. And they know law-abiding citizens are unarmed.

The statists’ desire to restrict, regulate or even remove your Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms is overwhelming. They are openly urging President Barack Hussein Obama to violate the Second Amendment by issuing an executive order that would likely:

  • eliminate access to hundreds of different kinds of guns
  • impose strict, new laws on law-abiding citizens, unnecessarily regulating or perhaps outlawing the private sale or purchase of weapons
  • severely limit the number of rounds in a legally owned clip or magazine
  • require fingerprinting and photo identification – stored in a national database – for all legal gun owners

Ordinary Americans have common sense enough to know that more gun control laws are not the answer. They are angered and frustrated as politicians disregard and flagrantly violate the plain language of our founding documents. If you are a member of law enforcement or the military, here is a special message for you:

Please feel free to share this clip with others. You may also be interested in the good work being done by Oath Keepers.