Rep Allen West accuses Obama of ‘dhimmitude’

Congressman Allen West (R-FL) appeared on the Sean Hannity Show September 14 to discuss terrorist attacks on United States embassies in many countries where Islam is the dominant religion. “We’re operating in fantasy land,” West said. “What you see coming from President Obama and the Obama administration is what they call dhimmitude in the Islamic world.”

We hope there is a role for this man in a Romney administration. We could use a Secretary of Homeland Security who actually believes in enforcing Federal law and upholding the U.S. Constitution and understands that jihad Muslims are our enemy, not ordinary Americans sipping coffee as they wait to board their flight.

Rep. Allen West: Sick and tired of Obama’s Marxist rhetoric

In a day when any criticism of President Barack Hussein Obama is immediately dismissed by the corrupt, progressive media as racist – or worse – it’s refreshing to hear an elected official speak the truth about him.

Interviewed by Greta Van Susteren on On The Record, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) said, “I’m sick and tired of this class warfare, this Marxist, demagogic rhetoric that is coming from the President of the United States of America.” West added, “I’m not going to back away from telling what the truth is.” He then described Obama as “a low-level, socialist agitator.”

Here is the clip of West’s appearance:

Be careful, Congressman West. Comments like this will get you elected President of the United States someday.