About Resist Tyranny

This blog was established in September 2008 to highlight the abuses of extra-constitutional government, as well as the people who support those abuses.

“The Conservative does not despise government. He despises tyranny. This is precisely why the Conservative reveres the Constitution and insists on adherence to it.” ~Mark R. Levin, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

5 thoughts on “About Resist Tyranny

  1. First impressions of this site were excellent- i followed on Twitter, and just tried to RETWEET an #IRS message “Criminal Act” — and discovered that i’ve been blocked.! Did i forget to shower ? Did i offend someone?

  2. The masthead quote for this blog opposes tyranny over the minds of men — yet I find you have blocked me for some unknown cause on your Twitter acct…. Must’ve been a mistake… I’m a Marine vet- patriot oathkeeper in OK. What’s the deal?

  3. To Whom It May Concern,

    Hey, do you need writers? I am a proud patriot looking to share my opinions on the current political atmosphere. I feel that our views align very closely, and that this could be a great platform to start educating the country. Thanks for leading the cause!

    Jesse Brown

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