John Bolton: ‘The world’s descending into chaos’ under Obama

john-boltonOn Fox Business Wednesday, former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton declared that under the president’s ineffective leadership, “the world’s descending into chaos” and if America continues to pull back internationally, “you’re going to have anarchy increasing.”

Speaking with host Stuart Varney, Bolton first discussed Vladimir Putin’s hostile strategy in Ukraine and Europe, including increasing the number of Russian troops at the border and conducting cyber-warfare against several European countries — “aggressive” tactics to which Bolton saw no end in sight.

Varney then transitioned to the recent WSJ/NBC poll that presents damning numbers about the American people’s opinion of President Obama’s leadership—particularly in foreign policy, with a dismal 36% approval.

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One thought on “John Bolton: ‘The world’s descending into chaos’ under Obama

  1. I respectfully disagree. I love John Bolton, but I think he is being too kind. The running debate is this- “Is Obama really that stupid or does he have some evil hidden motive?” Bolton thinks he is that stupid. I think Obama is evil. It isn’t ineffective leadership as President, but great leadership of the Caliphate. The world isn’t descending into chaos, it is the chaos of the Caliphate rising.

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