Kids don’t want Michelle Obama’s lunches; sales down in 49 states

MichelleObamaSchool cafeteria workers, already frustrated that kids don’t like menus ordered by Michelle Obama and the Agriculture Department, slapped as “offensive” the first lady’s latest criticism that some school districts have given up and are just lazily serving junk food.

“It is offensive to America’s frontline cafeteria professionals to say that those who struggle with the national decline in school lunch participation have simply said, ‘Well, the kids like junk food, so let’s just give ’em junk food,’ ” said Patti Montague, chief executive of the School Nutrition Association, in a letter to the White House.

“Our members are not offering their students junk food,” she added in the letter, the latest by the group to get the first lady’s attention to the huge drop in school lunch participation due to the awful taste and higher costs of the foods now pushed by Obama.

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One thought on “Kids don’t want Michelle Obama’s lunches; sales down in 49 states

  1. Yeah, I sympathize. Junkies aren’t polite when you restrict their supply. It’s hard for kids to make healthy food choices when they are addicted to refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, fat and excessive carbs. I’ve stopped counting how many 100lb five year-olds I’ve had to take x-rays of. Too bad. Somebody has to say “enough”. We can’t afford to continue double-digit increases in childhood obesity and Type II diabetes.

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