Infographic – The political spectrum explained

Resist Tyranny

Here’s an interesting diagram that offers an explanation of the political spectrum. Where do you fit in?

Thanks to Mike Pettit on Facebook for sharing this image.

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2 thoughts on “Infographic – The political spectrum explained

  1. Well, this certainly screams of having been drawn up by an American. First of all, placing monarchy as “rule by one” shows zero knowledge of monarchy, which is almost never rule by one person. The king is simply the head of a feudal system with city nobility, country nobility, church, cities.

    Second, to make the drawing a scale based on the amount of power, just so you’ll be able to place fascism on the other side of Democrats from Republicans. Amusing. Politics has always been about worldview, the paradigm with which you see the world, and fascism fought for conservative values against the leftist parties. Coupling this with some concessions to the workers such as workplace laws (far fewer concessions than done by today’s conservatives) because they and other right-wing parties were constantly attacked by the socialist goons after WWI, and so they knew they had to win over the workers if they would make any headway. But Mussolini proudly called fascism reactionary, and in The Doctrine of Fascism he clearly singles out socialism as the main enemy. Because the oppressors/oppressed view the socialists had of a nation was completely incompatible with and hostile to the conservative, nationalist view of a world of struggle between the tribes, where both the high and low were important. “The workers must learn that it is no small matter to run a business”, as Mussolini wrote. And in every single value issue, fascism was on the Right side against the Left. Religion, family law, crime, schools, patriotism, national history, sex, abortion, military, art, architecture, etc.

    In short, engaging in this neocon scheme of placing fascism on the Left is simply a way to make sure the hated Whites don’t get any ideas by reading up on who started communism and who were Europe’s enemy. This way they hope to keep Whites safely in the pen, supporting racial supremacism for Israel in the Middle East with American money and blood, while voting for neocon puppets who will keep the borders open for mass immigration at home to pacify Whitey. This is the strategy of Sheldon Adelson for example, owner of the Israel HaYom rag, the largest GOP contributor of all times, who now plays kingmaker in the party. One standard for Israel, another for the rest of us. Nope, not buying it, either for the U.S. or for the rest of the West.

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