Tennessee conservatives serious about replacing Alexander

Bye Bye LamarSen. Lamar Alexander took part in what was billed as a “salute to state GOP county chairs” in Smyrna, Tennessee on July 20. Only a handful of people showed up, despite the event being held in air conditioned comfort.

Attendance at the nearby “Beat Lamar” rally was actually larger in number, despite the 90-degree temperatures. The Beat Lamar event garnered national attention.

Check out this great video with some of the day’s highlights:

Alexander voted yes on the disastrous immigration amnesty bill, and continues to advocate for the unConstitutional and anti-American measure. Since then, momentum has rapidly increased among conservatives calling for a primary opponent to unseat the two-term incumbent. A recent look at the Lamar Alexander for Senate Facebook page reveals almost exclusively negative comments on every post by his campaign.

Potential primary challengers have nearly a year before the filing deadline, but a statewide series of candidate forums begins August 31. You can learn more about what the various Tennessee tea party groups are doing in this effort by liking the Beat Lamar Facebook page, and by following @BeatLamar on Twitter.

Tennessee conservatives are serious about replacing Lamar Alexander with a Constitutional conservative. That would be good not only for the 6 million people of Tennessee, but for the entire United States.


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