Hey, legislators – We’re angry with YOU.

Suzanna HuppMembers of the US Congress and various state legislatures have made no secret of the fact that they want American citizens disarmed. They are using several recent tragic killings to bolster their absurd claim that more gun control legislation will prevent future crimes.

Watch as Suzanna Hupp testifies before the US Congress about gun control legislation. She has an incredibly compelling personal story. There isn’t much we can add to her words as she defends the Second Amendment:

In 1995, the Texas Legislature passed the Concealed Handgun License (CHL) law, allowing Texas citizens with the required permit to carry concealed weapons. Hupp had been present at the 1991 Luby’s massacre in Kileen, Texas, where both of her parents were shot and killed. She campaigned tirelessly for the new Texas law. Legislation allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons was signed by then-Governor George W. Bush and became part of a broad movement to allow U.S. citizens to easily obtain permits to carry concealed weapons.

Hupp later testified across the country in support of concealed-carry laws, including Missouri’s HB-1720. You can read a transcript of her March 1992 testimony here. She was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1996, representing the 54th District from 1997-2007.

More recently, Hupp appeared in 2013 before the US Senate Judiciary Committee to tell her story:

Hat tips to our Twitter friends Harriet Baldwin and Rhonda Koenig.


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