If your senator doesn’t sound like this, you need a new senator

Vicki MarbleColorado Democrats have proposed one bill after another to restrict citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms. Watch Republican Senator Vicki Marble stand firm against the tyranny of gun grabbers, demanding that “the demonizing of law-abiding citizens has to stop.”

Hat tip to our friend Ed Clayton, @1ecgoinguy on Twitter.


3 thoughts on “If your senator doesn’t sound like this, you need a new senator

  1. Everybody I talk to is terrified, ignorant and weak. They are all trying to cheat each other.
    Its like movies I have seen before the takeover of governments by tyranny. My family and I are worried that we will never meet a group of like-minded patriots who are trustworthy and honest.

  2. We need a clearing house for survivalist oriented strong patriotic europeans who can locate each other. After all the trouble they caused for the past 20 years I do not want to tolerate blacks or moslems and they are not trustworthy. They are always divisive and parasitic. Call me names if you are that stupid I would like to know.

  3. I agree with you mr. Kilgore. A strong group of patriots is starting statewide. Muslims are worms who effect society. Why don’t you start a group and teach the patriots to survive and fight. Just complaining is not then answer. Most patriots don’t have time to sit and complain we are training lock and loaded.

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