Border control or citizen control?

Arizona State TrooperIf the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S Customs and Border Protection actually enforced the United States’ physical borders, it would not be necessary to have “checkpoints” 50 miles inside US territory. Political hacks running the country for the last several decades have decided that open borders actually help them in their efforts to disregard our Constitutional rights and control us.

These Border Patrol agents and Arizon state trooper are just trying to do their jobs; they are not Nazis. The activists are unnecessarily provocative, in our opinion. Citizens should confront law enforcement agents who exceed their lawful powers or try to illegally restrict their rights. But that should always been done calmly and respectfully.

Watch the trouble stirred up by government agents as these activists make a simple request for a walking route to get to the other side of the Border Patrol checkpoint so they can protest peacefully. Notice in the background that taxpayers are apparently paying at least three Border Patrol agents to film the activists:

Our society is rapidly devolving into a police state, where citizens’ rights are not only ignored, they are willfully disregarded by law enforcement officers who are more interested in their own petty power than liberty.


What's your opinion?

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