Mark Sanford personifies what’s wrong in American politics

Mark Sanford

Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford resigned in disgrace, which may qualify him to be in Congress.

The best word to describe former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford? Embarrassment.

Sanford embarrassed the people of South Carolina when he mysteriously disappeared over Father’s Day weekend in 2009. He embarrassed his colleagues in state government and was censured when he couldn’t perform his official duties as governor. He embarrassed his political supporters and donors by being AWOL for days. He embarrassed his wife and family when it was revealed that he was “missing” because he was having an extramarital affair with María Belén Chapur, a citizen of Argentina.

Now Sanford wants to embarrass all of us again:

And Red State‘s Erick Erickson has embarrassed himself by endorsing Sanford’s bid to embarrass all of us, with this strong language: “There is no better alternative.”

We call BS on endorsements like this. Endorsing a sleaze ball like Sanford just perpetuates low expectations in American politics.

Of course there are better alternatives to people like Sanford. But until conservatives support candidates with personal integrity, the American people will continue to suffer with substandard, immoral, low-character scofflaws like Mark Sanford running the country.

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2 thoughts on “Mark Sanford personifies what’s wrong in American politics

  1. Outstanding post! I hadn’t heard any of this before. I definitely appreciate this information, and I know many other people will step away from reading it knowing more then they did previously. Keep up the great work.

  2. None of us are perfect’ BUT….. This presents the opportunity for others of low moral character to blackmail and/or threaten to achieve a goal which would not be possible if our representatives had some integrity. Were not looking for perfection’ but for god sakes have some common sense!

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