A message for law enforcement and military

Second AmendmentStatists who hold power in Washington, DC, state capitals, major U.S. cities, and even small towns like Burlington, Vermont have revealed their game plan to “eliminate ‘gun violence.'” Unchecked, this effort will undoubtedly produce the same kind of results as the Federal government’s largest abject failure, the “War on Poverty.” More Federal gun control will also fail, and lead to terrible disasters throughout the country.

Real Americans know that gun control laws have unintended consequences. When gun ownership is severely restricted or outlawed, only criminals have guns. And they know law-abiding citizens are unarmed.

The statists’ desire to restrict, regulate or even remove your Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms is overwhelming. They are openly urging President Barack Hussein Obama to violate the Second Amendment by issuing an executive order that would likely:

  • eliminate access to hundreds of different kinds of guns
  • impose strict, new laws on law-abiding citizens, unnecessarily regulating or perhaps outlawing the private sale or purchase of weapons
  • severely limit the number of rounds in a legally owned clip or magazine
  • require fingerprinting and photo identification – stored in a national database – for all legal gun owners

Ordinary Americans have common sense enough to know that more gun control laws are not the answer. They are angered and frustrated as politicians disregard and flagrantly violate the plain language of our founding documents. If you are a member of law enforcement or the military, here is a special message for you:

Please feel free to share this clip with others. You may also be interested in the good work being done by Oath Keepers.


5 thoughts on “A message for law enforcement and military

  1. Re; “A message for law enforcement and military”
    YBH pulled his video down. Therefore; you have a bad link.
    However; someone else has also published the same video.
    If you’d like to re-direct your website to it, the correct link follows.

  2. I am seeking people who are against the Obama tyranny, want to work with competent others to survive the coming catastrophe and are willing to barter if necessary to survive in a group. If anybody is interested. My family and I live in East TN. and we want to meet people in this area to discuss such a venture. It costs nothing. However I am not going to work with: (obama-democrats, progressives, liberals, libertarians, leftists, communists, afrocentric or Moslems).

  3. The Organizational Weapon, A Brief Introduction
    The communists adapted the organizational weapon by studying and adopting the most effective subversive elements of Ivan the Terrible’s Secret Police, the Ochrana and other European clandestine conspiracies. Organizational Weaponry, including Entryism, can be learned and turned against communism.
    It is a primary function of the constitutional order—whether of a particular organization or of the political community itself—to make power responsible by limiting the uses to which it may be put and specifying how it may be won. These limitations are designed to ensure that political contests do not undermine the central values of the community and the integrity of its institutions. The struggle for power is subversive when methods are used that do not heed these rules. When fighting a communist regime, the most ruthless subversion is necessary.
    Here we shall speak of organizations and organizational practices as weapons when they are used by a power-seeking “communist elite” in an environment- unrestrained by the constitutional order of the arena within which the contest takes place. In this usage, “weapon- is not meant to denote any political tool, but one torn from its normal context and unacceptable to the community as a legitimate mode of action. Thus the partisan practices used in an election campaign—insofar as they, adhere to the written and unwritten rules of the contest—are not weapons in this sense. On the other hand, when members who join an organization in apparent good faith are in fact the agents of an outside elite, then routine affiliation becomes “infiltration.” (See Trotsky’s Entryism)
    Organizational weapons exploit a source of power that is latent in every group enterprise. This is the capacity of almost any routine activity to be manipulated for personal or political advantage. For example:
    1. A group of friends within an organization may become a power clique if the by-products of their association (the exchange of information, mutual support, etc.) are exploited systematically. The informal group may become a weapon in a hidden struggle for power, especially if there is some basis for cohesion beyond personal
    ties and if the interests of the organization as a whole are subordinated to those of the clique.

    1 Throughout this study, the term “elite- is used in its objective political and sociological meaning to denote those who, in any given social context, are the inure influential, the more self-conscious, and the more manipulative elements. The term may be used to designate whole groups, and elite members may or may not be official leaders. The latter, if they are in fact covertly manipulated, may in the given situation be nonelite.
    2. In choosing among alternative courses of action, an official often has opportunity to influence the distribution of power, both inside and outside the organization. He may then modify his technical decisions so as to choose a policy that will aid his friends and hurt his enemies. From the standpoint of the power struggle, the official position then functions as an organizational weapon.
    3. Proposals for administrative reorganization are often aimed at disturbing the existing power structure of an organization. An administrative unit seeking to extend its area of influence may screen its true activities behind proposals for more efficient internal organization or for closer cooperation with outside groups. Among experienced officials it is generally understood, although not always acknowledged, that such proposals will be closely inspected for their potential impact on the informal power structure inside the organization.
    4. Most political parties, organized to function only in the electoral arena, mobilize their adherents only partially. Such groups are usually content to win a general loyalty and to “get out the vote.” This is consistent with their limited constitutional role. But if a fuller mobilization is attempted, integrating the members so effectively that they become available for continuous deployment in many arenas, a reservoir of energy will be developed that can be used outside the normal framework of political controversy. A source of power is tapped which may he used in conspiratorial ways to gain influence for an elite that cannot compete effectively at the polls.
    5. Organizations established for limited purposes (trade-unions, civic groups, etc.) develop strength that may be diverted to other, more far-reaching aims. If irresponsible power-seekers gain control, this incidental utility may be exploited without regard to the limitations set by the initial character of the group. Every organization is in some respects useful to such elites, if only because funds, internal education, and jobs may be manipulated to serve a partisan interest.

    The exploitation of organizational potentialities in these ways entails secrecy and subversion. Authority is used for unapproved ends, notably irresponsible power; and illegitimate channels for the attainment of influence are created. If, therefore, in the hiring of personnel, an official builds a personal machine, he will usually conceal this deviation from straightforward personnel administration. At the same time, he will be undermining the formal aims and constitutional order of his organization.(Or in the subversion of communism, undermining the actions and personnel of communism by neutralizing them.)

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