Should Jewish voters support Obama?

Delegates at the 2012 Democrat national Convention shout their disapproval of God and Jerusalem.

The Emergency Committee for Israel has just released a new presidential campaign ad that asks, “Is this still your Democratic Party? Or Obama’s?”

The commercial points out that the democrat party intentionally left God and Jerusalem out of the 2012 platform. An amendment to add a benign statement about God and recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel required a two-thirds voice vote approval. But party leaders seemed stunned when there was overwhelming opposition to the amendment, and asked delegates to vote three times before they inexplicably deemed two-thirds were in the affirmative. The railroading tactic was met with jeers and loud cries of disaaproval from delegates.

Should Jewish people support Barack Hussein Obama?


3 thoughts on “Should Jewish voters support Obama?

  1. I watched this video before to inform myself on what really happened. Clearly, this is a major embarrassment or, depending on how you look at it, insight into the real state of mind of the people active in the Democrat party.

    To answer your question: I am still baffled why any Jewish person would vote for, or support, Obama and the Democrats given his inarguable bias/hostility against Israel.

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