What Islamists do to infidel ambassadors

Wake up, America. President Thomas Jefferson decided the only way to deal with “Barbary pirates” – Muslims – was to send in the military to annihilate them. Those who advocate sharia law stand in complete opposition to God-given freedoms protected by the U.S. Constitution. The holy warriors of jihad intend to subjugate you or kill you. They seek a caliphate – an entire world dominated by Islam and sharia.

Attacks on September 11, 2012 by armed mobs on U.S. embassies in Cairo, Egypt and Benghazi, Libya were allegedly precipitated by muslim anger about a video clip posted on YouTube.

This is what Islamists do to infidels (non-Muslims). They kill unbelievers, perform disrespectful acts on their corpses, and parade them around in the streets like trophies:

Libyans position the body of US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, for cell phone pictures.

Muslims drag US ambassador’s body in the street.


5 thoughts on “What Islamists do to infidel ambassadors

  1. Suspend the millions of dollars & other support to Libya & Egypt. Kick their diplomats and their ambassadors here in the U.S. out. Let’s see what those Desert Demon Cockroaches do without U.S. Foreign aid. They will soon be crying and belly-aching. Obama has got to go. He is inept, clueless and his lack of experience with foreign affairs is leaving our military and civilians in danger. Deduct from his retirement to pay to pay off some of this debt he has forced on our backs and the next several generations. What a pathetic excuse for a president. If Hillary thinks Americans will vote for her in 2016, we WILL REMEMBER that under her watch as Secretary of State, she left our U.S. Consulates & Embassies vulnerable to attack due to her failure to ensure the safety of Americans overseas. Now an amdassador and 3 of his staff are dead because she and O’blabla are in over their heads. Shame on her and Obama and his administration of incompetent angry little sniveling clowns.That goes for the Main Stream Media Maggots too, who push their stinking propaganda like shameless drug dealers upon innocent kids in school. The men and women of Main Stream print and broadcast media are not doing the job of giving facts and truth. They are treasonous and cowards. If all else fails, then nuke the daylights out of those Demon Rats in the desert. They serve Satan and hell and try to drag decent people down. Crazy cockroaches, they’ve obviously been in the sun for too long and should stay the hell home.

  2. There actually WERE some people that finally arrived at the scene and attempted to render aid. From what I have read, those pictured weren’t of parading the Ambassador. They did take him to the hospital but it was too late. THIS is what happens when the morons in our own country elect an idiot for prez. Hillary is a totally lezzed up slob that is also attributed to by our shameful media as another “genius”. Obama goes around bragging that he killed osama bin ladin, has his own “kill list”, and thunder thighs clinton’s favorite quotation about Qadafi was ” We came. We saw. He died.” followed buy garish cackling that comes out of her pie hole, that’s supposed to be laughter. Her entourage of a few others of her “vagino-American” staff also whooped it up.

    • Then these idiots are SHOCKED when the savages rise up. I also find it ironic how they’re now all getting their drawers in knots over buring the flags in Egypt and other places. Hey. The scummers are just exercising their “rights’ and free speech when they do it HERE. We can’t even get a few politicians and judges to grow a few “sets” and declare those actions a crime.

  3. Dennodog, why don’t you just say what you REALLY think? Hot damn, man/girl (can’t tell by your “name”), you are SO ON!! I couldn’t agree with you more.
    We can commiserate about the stupid a–holes in DC with reason, but the real culprits are your friends and neighbors who are so I-will-vote-for-the-black-man-about whom-I-know-absolutely-nothing-just-to-prove-I’m-not-a-racist that they put this puppet into the greatest, most powerful office in the history of mankind.
    Well, Barry Soetoro, aka BHO, is the greatest racist in the whole bunch of rotten scumbag lying pieces of human excrement who are our so-called “leaders”. He plays the race card anytime anyone disagrees with him about anything. Our Messiah is, along with all of the career whores in DC who go there with horse dung on their boots and come out multi-millionaires, is dedicated to the Bilgerbergs and the World Order. Romney may not be, and he is our only hope to survive.
    If you go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7iky1ZhkBw, or just search on Google for “To Barack Obama, With Loathe”, you will see my REAL feelings.
    At the risk of sounding old-fashioned (hell, I’m 80), I want to say to anyone who may read this, may God bless and keep you and yours, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA, one nation UNDER GOD!

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