D’Souza’s ‘2016’ explains who Obama really is

We took a small entourage to see Obama’s America: 2016, a new film based on Dinesh D’Souza’s best-selling book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage.

If you’re politically astute and follow have paid attention to Barack Hussein Obama since he appeared on the national scene in 2007, you probably won’t be surprised by much of the film’s contents. D’Souza’s careful explanation of Obama’s worldview, however, is an intriguing story.

2016 is an informative, deliberate documentary that studiously avoids emotionalism. During the film, D’Souza offers his own immigrant story, contrasting it with the President’s strange, un-American upbringing, despite living within the United States for a time. He skillfully guides viewers through interviews with many people who knew Obama’s parents, mentors and friends.

We won’t give away any spoilers here, but we do recommend this movie. For people who don’t pay close attention to politics (and sadly, far too many Americans do not), this may be an important eye-opener. It does bring home the seriousness of America’s foolishness, having elected a President who holds a profoundly anti-American world view.


One thought on “D’Souza’s ‘2016’ explains who Obama really is

  1. I saw the movie yesterday and thought it was right on the money! I have thought all along that Obama hasn’t been trying to help the economy but was trying to bring it down and then make it what he wants it to be. I’m scared if Obama wins this election and the people of this country better start listening to Obama’s words. Words mean something!

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