‘We Are Woman’ march results in Twitter stream of stupid

The We Are Women March site proclaims that it is “Transforming Injustice Into Equality.” And yes, the rest of the content there is just as predictably pro-abortion and leftist as the slogan implies. 

Apparently a few bitter, tweet-happy leftist womyn rallied on August 18, 2012 in Washington, DC to display their collective ignorance. “Together we march as one,” proclaims their  We Are Woman web site. The opening speaker at the event was reliably leftist Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who has served 11 consecutive terms as the non-voting representative for the District of Columbia.

Here are a few sample tweets for your entertainment:

A feminist who failed high school biology, perhaps.

Because nothing says political intelligence like… trampiness.

Looks more to us like a wimpy, liberal beta male.

Inability to think clearly is associated with being a leftist, not being pregnant.

And the prize for the most idiotic costume goes to Code Pink!

Even Sandra Fluke realizes this event is really a non-event.

Fortunately, a few real women like @LilMissRightie posted some pretty conservative commentary on the ridiculous gathering. If you care to see more (we’re pretty sure you don’t), just search the Twitter hashtag WAW.


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