Hollywood hates Republicans? Shocking.

With a few notable exceptions – a very few – most members of the Hollywood entertainer crowd are liberals, if not outright leftists and communists (see Penn, Sean). Some of them spouted off about Gov. Mitt Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate in the 2012 presidential election.

Here’s what the collectivist Hollyweird brain trust has to say:

Ironically, Michael Ian Black tweeted something that is actually sort of awesome about Romney-Ryan 2012.

Jared Leto – whose biggest claim to fame was being engaged to Cameron Diaz for two years without being able to close the deal – is a typical, politically astute singer-turned-actor. He’s apparently in some band we’ve never heard of before. Which is appropriate, because we’ve never heard of him, either.

Apparently Eva Longoria, best known for being portraying a tramp on the anti-family ABC network sideshow Desperate Housewives, supports homosexuality. Yawn.

Whoops! Russell Simmons mistakes Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for Lyndon B. Johnson, a corrupt democrat President whose legacy is the utter destruction of black families in America, courtesy of The Great Society, an unsustainable transfer of wealth dwarfed only by ObamaCare.

Actress Olivia Wilde was born Olivia Jane Cockburn, and changed her name for obvious reasons. We’ve never heard of her before writing this post, but she’s already been married twice.

And of course, the dependably idiotic Michael Moore, famous and wealthy for producing propaganda films and hating capitalism. Also, he retweets intellectual giant Keith Olbermann:

We don’t recommend that you follow any of these people on Twitter. But it is amusing to watch them as they do their best to help re-elect President Barack Hussein Obama.


2 thoughts on “Hollywood hates Republicans? Shocking.

  1. Hollywood libs, so out of touch with mainstream America. They create there own fantasy world and assume they know something about what’s good for us? Elitist retards.

  2. Are you insane? You just went down this list and nitpicked a lot of very good people. Oliva Wilde because she changed her name from Cochrane? Who cares if her name is sluthobag? Its a series of letters, it means nothing. All of these people are GOOD people, these are the same people that would stand up for you, if you were in trouble, even after you blasted them.

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