Planned Parenthood’s quiet ‘War on Women’

Many on the US political left are prattling on about an imaginary “War on Women” these days. But did you know that Planned Parenthood is quietly carrying out “gendercide” – the elimination of female babies by sex-selected abortion?

Although this heinous practice is known to be widespread in repressive, communist regimes like China, Planned Parenthood affiliate clinics throughout the United States are also engaging in this very real war:

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air reports that the Planned Parenthood employee in this video has since been fired. Apparently the murder of female preborn babies continues unhindered.


3 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood’s quiet ‘War on Women’

  1. I'm very sorry that you were cursed with this stupidity but, if I'm not mistaken, people choose to have an abortion and when you use the word "murder" the real term is "aborted." I really would love to have a conversation with you without name calling and the use of facts and no stretching the truth. -DearUneducatedMasses

    • If the fetus has a heart beat in the womb of a human mother yet she decides to take it upon herself to terminate the pregnancy, May we not condemn her in the fashion that this system of things will do and as she is doing. Let us pray for her & this unborn child, whose mother & father with their lack of faith & foresight, to be overtaken by fear & anxiety, thought it best to not welcome it into our world. Let’s pray that that child’s soul is taken back into the arms of The Lord, Our God & that all these unborn child reside with him in a Holy place. For he holds the answers to all things, we are merely dust…

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