There’s just no way to cut Federal spending

Updated 16 February 2013

Federal SpendingEver wonder who is wasting millions of your Federal tax dollars?

Barack Hussein Obama’s style of spend first, ask questions later government is typified by a previously unknown bureaucrat named Jeff Neely. Neely, a Government Services Administration regional commissioner was apparently in charge of a Las Vegas conference on child care that wasted nearly a million dollars of our money.

Why the GSA even hosts conferences on child care is unknown at this point. The fact that Neely hosted the 21st annual such gathering is even more disturbing.

GSA was given $5.5 billion by Obama’s “stimulus” boondoggle, allegedly to convert federal buildings into high-performance green buildings, and build new, energy-efficient federal buildings, courthouses and land ports of entry. Investigators are reviewing GSA records to see how much of that bloated budget has been squandered by Neely and his free-spending GSA co-conspirators.

Neely was subpoenaed to appear before the House Oversight Committee, and just like an organized crime weasel, refused to even confirm his job title.

Here’s an excerpt from a post by Penny Star at

[Jeffrey] Neely was subpoenaed as part of a House investigation into a 2010 conference… that sent 300 people to Las Vegas and racked up a tab of more than $850,000, including a $75,000 bike-building event and $130,000 to send 15 scouts to pick the event venue.

Neely, who makes $179,000 annually as the regional GSA regional commissioner in charge of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, several other countries and territories, evoked his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent when questioned by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the committee. Neely is now on administrative leave and is still receiving his salary.

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held hearings on April 17 to explore GSA waste, fraud and abuse.

Roll Call has more on Neely’s outrageous history of unauthorized spending here.

Stories like this confirm among American citizens the belief that our Federal government has too much of our money. And what is Obama’s answer? He continues to argue, cluelessly, that the Federal government needs more “revenue.”


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