The real meaning of ‘MPH’

This brief clip is a wonderful example of how America’s public schools are failing to produce graduates with math skills:

So what do we learn here? The following may or may not be factors in calculating speed and distance of an automobile traveling on the highway:

  • the speed at which you can run a mile
  • the relative physical conditioning of your body before running said mile
  • the rate at which the car’s tires spin while driving on the highway
  • dividing by 2 or multiplying by 1/2 may be important at certain points in the calculations
  • trucks may be slower than cars, due to greater weight of the vehicle
  • automatic transmission vehicles may travel at different rates of speed than standard transmission vehicles
  • improper inflation of a vehicle’s tires may decrease speed
  • police vehicles are probably faster than any other car

Good thing she’s cute. Thank you, government schools!


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