A Patriotic American Citizen’s Apology to Afghanistan

Apologizer In Chief Barack Hussein Obama recently issued a written apology to Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai.

Why? Well, Obama does have a proclivity for apologizing for just about anything the United States of America accomplishes or does. But he apologized to Karzai because a handful of Korans were disposed of by US troops. Not because the soldiers detest the murderous death cult known as Islam, mind you, but because terrorist prisoners were passing notes to each other, scrawled in the margins of the books.

Karzai demanded that the responsible parties be tried, and Obama promised to punish the troops responsible for such reprehensible behavior. Naturally, the contents of Obama’s groveling remains secret, because ordinary citizens cannot possibly understand his brilliant diplomatic dispatches.

Predictably, Muslims rioted in response, and Afghan troops – supposedly our mission partners – shot and killed two American soldiers in the melee. Many Afghans also died in the senseless Muslim violence.

Enjoy this sincere apology to Karzai from a patriotic, concerned American citizen:

Would that we had 300 million more just like her.


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