VFW members duct-tape flag burner to flag pole

Many Americans are deeply offended when someone sets fire to an American flag. So much so that a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting flag desecration has been proposed. Perhaps none are more upset by this than military veterans, who have seen their fellow service members die in combat fighting for our freedom and know better than any of us what the Stars and Stripes symbolizes.

Local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) representatives took matters into their own hands recently to punish a man who, after being refused alcohol (because he had no identification), decided to burn the VFW Post’s American flag:

This was no ordinary flag, either. It had flown over a foxhole in Iraq, where several U.S. soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. What do you think? Does the punishment fit the crime?


37 thoughts on “VFW members duct-tape flag burner to flag pole

  1. I go with anonymous, and add some of the tortures that have been done against our POW's while they have been taken, fighting for defending our country and innocents that needed our intervention. Our flag is sacred!!!

  2. Genius thinking. Rant and rave about how you were in the military to protect people's rights, but then be in favor of assaulting someone for exercising their right of free speech.Now granted in this case, the knucklehead that they taped to the pole has destroyed someone's private property. That is wrong and doesn't qualify as free speech.

  3. So the man gets charged with destruction of property, and the people who taped him to the pole get charged with battery and foricble confinement? He can then sue the people into oblivion.He may have been obnoxious and stolen the flag, but the folks who tied him up committed the bigger crime.

  4. This VFW guy is a hero, in many senses of the word and should be treated as such. The moron who did this though, should take the lesson and move on with life. Perhaps he could even continue to show that he has learned a lesson, by helping with a volunteer organization that helps veterans.

  5. I say that the person that wrote that the ones who taped him to the pole were wrong, then that person ( or persons) are not American and should leave our beloved coun try and move to some Musl;im countlry where they will take care of them! I am sick and tired of those whno would disrespect our flag and country. It is obvious that they do not understand what our troops do to protexct their sorry behind!

  6. It's sad when being sued about something that was, in my opinion , such a rational and measured response to an idiot's action, is even on the list of things we should worry about. In most countries of the world his punishment would have been far, far worse.

  7. Come on people, this is fake! "You'll only see this on News 10, really? not national? It is a youtube video uploaded by 7unseenhope, unseen.A man admits to taking the law in his hands on TV? Is WTF wrestling real? Oh, I was just sent the video even though it has been around since 2009.

  8. I think if it goes National there will not be any charges or trial! His name should be posted along with his pictur for all to see, especially VFW Posts across the USA! He should feel lucky that is all that happened to him, especially at a VFW Post.

  9. The flag burner broke the law, so did the duct tapers. Even our military heroes abide by United States law. I have only seen this "news" clip on one youtube video, not from any news source.The reason it did not go National is because it did not happen.

  10. You are incorrect. Flag burning is protected under free speech. Show me a Supreme Court ruling that says otherwise. The Supreme Court overturned a conviction in the late 1800's and that ruling has been the law of the land ever since. Way to make up facts though.

  11. Way to go!! He deserved that…and then some!!!! 😉 People can be so ignorant and just plain stupid! It is very maddening/sad that people don’t have respect for anything…especially the flag and the warriors who fought and are still fighting so we can freely fly it!

  12. Maddog March 8th 2012 Tired of all of you Bleeding Heart Socialist Liberals Bitching about YOUR rights. You self centered Bastards don't give a Rats Ass about the countless wars that have been fought and all the countless heroes that made the supreme sacrifice for our FREEDOM. You Chicken Shit IDIOTS can all go to HELL!

  13. If you listen to the story, the VFW Commander found the guy and gave him several options, one of which was to sit in front of the VFW with the sign. He did not physically force him to do it. I am assuming that the other option was jail time. The Commander himself asked the news reporter to hide the identity of the flag burner. I served in Iraq and I disagree that burning the flag is free speech. I think the commander handled it better than I would. I am proud of the VFW for handling it this way. I am a life member at a different VFW. Great story

  14. I am a veteran. Let's make this twerp join the Marine Corps for a hitch or two. Then we can ask him for an opinion about the VFW, the Flag and our country. That is, of course, he survives the awakening.

  15. My personal feeling is the guy got off easy. As someone commented a few before me, the guy was given some options on how this could be handled and he picked to sit there. I am not a veteran and never served. My family and many friends are vets, though. I have a great life and am probably better off than many of our vets are. I feel i have reached this point in my life by hard work and dedication to furthering myself. I also know that I have been given the oppurtunity to do so because there are men and women who sacrifice their lives and freedoms so that I amy have mine. For that I will always be grateful. I will always shake the hand of a member of the Armed Forces, I will always stand when a soldier passes me in the local parade, I will always take off my hat and shut my mouth when the National Anthem is played and I will make sure my children know why we are able to have the life and oppurtunities me have.Past or present, man or woman, home or abroad, still with us or those who have passed on, THANK YOU!

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