‘Occupy’ – an insignificant socialist sleepover

Updated 14 October 2011

Watching this bizarre video of the “Occupy Atlanta” protestors confirms what we suspected: Participants in this insignificant socialist sleepover are mere lemmings. These are the very people Lenin famously referred to as “useful idiots.”

These drones appear perfectly content to submit themselves to the strangest of procedures as they seek to destroy capitalism, eliminate all banks, overturn the United States government while re-electing Barack Obama, and establish their socialist utopia. Or something:

Regardless of your opinion of Congressman John Lewis (D-GA), you may conclude that this gathering defines the word “weird.”


The Morning Spew has brilliantly updated this video, cleverly splicing in a few segments from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” – a movie we never really liked. But it sure works with these creepy socialist “twinkles.”


4 thoughts on “‘Occupy’ – an insignificant socialist sleepover

  1. They are not allowed to use a PA system, so to allow people farther away from the primary speaker to hear the message they repeat it in waves. A effective technique developed from the Spain and Greece uprisings. That you are criticizing this creative way around their technical limitations tells me that you guys have no imagination whatsoever.

  2. Creepy is what long term drug use does to the brain, as demonstrated by these "drones".. Bringing the anti-drug campaign of the 80's full circle.. These people are completely FRIED..Burnt out. The Obama Campaign thinks these protesters boost him? They're protesting against all he has managed to accomplish during his time in office..(much of it eerily consistent with Alinsky's model .. Divide and conquer. To "organize" or reform a group, first disorganize it and create confusion and chaos. All the discontent ultimately lands in Obama's lap. Loss of jobs, bail outs, stimulus (embezzlement) plans, regulations on companies who end up moving themselves and jobs out of the country.. The list goes on. Could it be the Democrats are using the protests as a protective barrier between them and their false idol, pretending to be behind their message and that it is to the President's advantage. (?) Is Obama stupid enough to believe that he can "hijack" this movement to promote his Taxing of the rich plan? Or are they just trying to use this non-partisan protest against all the Obamanation has embodied and imposed upon them to their advantage? They're close to Useful Idiots, but Useful Idiots would be Useful if it furthered the leader's rise, not his demise..This is the closest thing to a "Vacancy" Sign, flashing in Neon letters, above the sleazy motel that is the Obama Presidency. Bed bugs also jumping ship.

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