Let’s SLAM the media!

In September, our friend Greg Howard posted a teriffic idea on his blog. Why should ordinary Americans sit idly by while big-money advertisers assist a propaganda machine like MSNBC? Why not SLAM the media?

MSNBC is part of the NBC news empire, and that this entity is a far-left mouthpiece for all things progressive. Barack Hussein Obama and his leftist minions couldn’t purchase more favorable coverage than waht is offered by his buddy Jeff Immelt, chairman of NBC’s parent company, General Electric.

Featuring hosts like Lawrence O’Donnell and Al Sharpton, MSNBC is by far the weakest of the national television news networks. Some focused attention by conservatives on their advertisers just might have an effect on their revenue.

Naturally, we should be courteous when contacting these companies. Some don’t even really know their ads are airing on a specific network, because they allow a third party to make media buys for them. But we can politely point out that we won’t patronize their company while they support the propoganda that is MSNBC.

So let’s tweet these advertisers, and tell them we won’t patronize them while they support MSNBC propaganda. Here are some ready-made tweets, which you are welcome to copy and post yourself.

Naturally, you are free to edit these posts as you like. But let’s remain courteous. Remember, we’re trying to convince these advertisers that real Americans don’t appreciate the politically-left, progressive nonsense aired on MSNBC. Polite language will get your point across.

Have fun, you SOB-bitter-clinger-teabagger-barbarian activist!


4 thoughts on “Let’s SLAM the media!

  1. Right now Fox News is ignoring a candidate. Why isn't fox news on this list? Fox news is pushing corporate candidates like Mitt Romney and Herman Cain both who have ties to the bilderburg group.Why not add Fox news to this list?

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