City council to outlaw free speech?

What happens when you allow truly ignorant people to serve in elected office? They actually attempt to outlaw the very freedoms guaranteed to citizens in the U.S. Constitution.

In fact, it’s diffcult to tally all of the Constitutional rights the Gould, Arkansas city council is summarily declaring illegal – freedom of speech and freedom of association among them:

Even the New York Times agrees this measure is “a clear violation of the Constitution.” Fox News reports here on the story.

The passive aggressive approach? Gould residents should be busy forming clubs, groups and organizations at breakneck pace, just to flaunt this ridiculous “ordinance.” While they still can, the 1,129 citizens of Gould should act immediately to recall every member of the council who supports this patently foolish idea. And every one of them should be forced to attend and pass a high school civics class – in a private school.


What's your opinion?

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