Barack Hussein Obama has a record now, and it’s abysmal.

When Barack Hussein Obama ran for President in 2008, he was among the least qualified men ever to seek the office. He was undoubtedly the least vetted Presidential candidate in our history.

A sycophant, corrupt, progressive media advocated his candidacy in no uncertain terms, and enabled Obama at every step of the campaign. Our national media continue to ignore significant Obama scandals like Operation Fast and Furious.

Obama’s personal past is shrouded in secrecy. He released a document in early 2011, alleging it to be a copy of his long-form birth certificate. But it was created electronically in such an odd fashion that it raised more questions than it answered. His kindergarten, junior high, and high school records are sealed. His multiple college records are missing or sealed. We don’t know details of his mother’s travels or even citizenship status because Stanley Dunham’s passport records are inexplicably incomplete or destroyed. This, despite Federal law requiring such information be retained for 100 years. Obama’s own citizenship status while living in Indonesia is another murky detail, completely unexplored by the same media that investigated Sarah Palin’s brand of toothpaste.

But that is all 2008 Obama. His policies, actions, and statements as President are mostly public information. 2012 Obama does have a record. His opponents will do well to make certain every American knows exactly what this President has done to our country.

And this is how it’s done:


12 thoughts on “Barack Hussein Obama has a record now, and it’s abysmal.

  1. The facade began to crumble immediately for those who were paying attention and those who chose to believe the myth and deny reality are finally reaching the stage where reality bites. Frankly I approach 2012 with great trepidation, they are already getting desperate and dangerous. What does the future hold for us?

  2. though no one can know for certain what the future will bring I would suspect things will get much uglier as we near the elections of 2012 expect anything from the liberal progressives up to & including causing riots in major cities in an effort to institute martial law and / or suspend the elections we are not dealing with rational sane Americans we are dealing with violent ruthless violent radicals who are capable of anything best advice I can give is be prepared for the unthinkable

  3. Anonymous, we hope your dire predeictions don't prove true. Progressive ARE radicals capable of anything. Their end-justifies-the-means approach is frightening because they desperately want to keep "fundamentally transforming" our republic.

  4. I'm real disappointed too. Wasn't he supposed to fix everything? It's clearly his fault that the economy is in the tank and that conditions for working people keep getting worse. And before you even suggest it , it COULDNT ever be this flawless, perfect system we call Capitalism.

  5. I think we should also look at who Obama's friends and mentors are: Ayers, Dohrn, Alinsky, Wright, and Farrakhan just to name the ones we know about. His wife was not proud of her country, in her entire adult life, until Barack Hussein was elected–what if he wasn't; would she still not be proud? Obama's parents were clearly Communists, and so was his step-father. Of course he sealed his records, spending over a million dollars in legal fees to do that. He has a lot to hide and meanwhile brags about transparency–an Alinsky tactic where the truth is the opposite of reality.

  6. Anonymous, that what Obama has always implied, and what his lemming drones thought would happen.Rob Hoey, you're known by the company you keep, right? Obama's associations with anti-American people (like those you cite) lead us to believe that he, too, is anti-USA.

  7. I love listening to you talk about the leftist extremism, when you are the extremists. You are so far to the right that any moderate opinion is extreme-ly far from yours. Extremism in any form cannot bring about prosperity to a nation- it brings tyranny and oppression. Moderation and balance are the things that are needed the most. Think about it. Peace.

  8. Riots in major cities, martial law, suspension of elections? I suspect that you will find little evidence of or precedent for such a dystopian fantasy anywhere in the course of American history. It is worth pointing out, however, that it is republicans – and not democrats – who are sponsoring voter ID laws in the dead of night, hoping to, as some in the GOP have outwardly stated, change the course of elections. Rational, honest people do not disenfranchise voters and call it patriotism. That is not how democracy works. You can wag fingers at the media all you like, but the airwaves are home to opinions on both sides of the isle and for everyone pundit praising Barack Obama, there is another pulling him down. In the end, the media did not elect Barack Obama president, the American people did.

    • If we were to require photo identification to vote, how exactly is that “disenfranchising” voters? State-issued photo identification is available free of charge to citizens in every state, so the cost isn’t an issue. Why do you not want voters to prove who they are before allowing them to influence the outcome of an election by casting a ballot?

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