Red China provides California school curriculum

California school officials are apparently so desperate for funding that they have accepted a Chinese language curriculum developed by The People’s Republic of China. That’s correct: California students are learning Chinese using a communist-produced curriculum. And it’s all paid for by Red China, too.

Doesn’t that sound the least little bit like a propaganda opportunity? Here’s the story as reported by Fox 11 in Los Angeles:


Sounds innocent enough, until you consider a little history:

  • China supports a ruthless dictatorship in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), one of the worst human rights abusers in the world.
  • During the “Great Leap Forward” in the late 1950s, it is estimated that at least 20 million Chinese starved to death as Mao Zedong’s misguided economic policies failed.
  • Infanticide and abortion are official Chinese policy today, often enforced against the will of women involved. Even liberal National Public Radio reports on this.
  • The Chinese government also carries out an aggresive forced sterilization program. The US House of Representatives held hearings on this atrocity in 1998.
  • No one knows exactly how much of the United States’ national debt is owed to communist China. The public debt owned China exceeds $5 trillion, but much of our debt is held privately, and no estimates are available.

Should school districts even be allowed to accept a “free” gift of a language curriculum like this? Especially knowing that it is produced by an evil empire led by dictators who would love to see the demise of the United States?


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