How to deal with infil-traitors

We call them “infil-traitors.”

The usual suspects – anarchist ne’er-do-wells and unemployed leftist goons are determined to make tea party attendees look like racists, haters and dangerous subversives. In other words, they want to make conservatives look just like them.

Oregon teacher Jason Levin, who may have created his “Crash the Tea Party” web site on school time and with public resources, is being investigated and has been placed on leave. His site has been reduced to a legal defense fund appeal.

This great video clip from a recent St. Louis, MO tea party rally shows patriots exactly how to confront infil-traitors:

Whether this man is actually a white supremacist, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, or just a not-very-bright “progressive,” his alleged racism is not something that represents the views of conservative American patriots. Kudos to the person who persistently – and peacefully – outed him.


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