Sheldon Whitehouse: Fool or traitor?

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) says you and I want “to break the momentum of our new, young President.” He’s absolutely correct about that. Because when we see an un-American, leftist-socialist undoing 233 years of freedom from tyranny, we want to break his momentum. We want his disregard for our Constituton to stop. Immediately.

But then Whitehouse has the gall to slander ordinary Americans who oppose tyranny. He calls you “birthers” and “fanatics.” He accuses you of “running around in right-wing militias. He implies that you are a racist, saying that you belong to “Aryan support groups.”

But Whitehouse’s conclusion is false. Very few people are angry that Barack Hussein Obama exists. What we do care about is that he is destroying liberties guaranteed to us in the United States Constitution. We care that he and the Democrats in Congress are imposing tyranny.

Is there even one Democrat in the House or Senate who actually understands our founding principles? Is there a single one who will side with liberty and freedom? Is there one who can quote from the Declaration of Independence? Or are they all selfish, greedy buffoons who want to portray ordinary Americans as wild-eyed lunatics?


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