Why is Sarah Palin’s popularity soaring?

Ever since Sarah Palin burst onto the national stage as the Republican vice presidential candidate in 2007, the liberal US media have attacked her relentlessly: She’s a hick. She’s backward. She talks funny. She lied about circumstances surrounding the birth of her youngest son. She shoots animals. She was unethical as governor of Alaska. She didn’t have enough experience to be vice president. She spent too much on her wardrobe.

But the incessant whining by liberal elites has done nothing to undermine Palin’s popularity. Her recent book tour, promoting Going Rogue, has been a huge success by any measure – including the number of books sold.

Palin’s appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien is a marvelous example of why her star will continue to rise. Enjoy this clip:

What’s your opinion of Governor Palin? Will she be a viable candidate for President, as many are suggesting?


10 thoughts on “Why is Sarah Palin’s popularity soaring?

  1. I would vote for Sarah Palin if she ran for the Presidency. I trust her far more than I trust any other person in politics.Obama has proven himself to be worse than I imagined possible. For such a genius, he sure does some of the dumbest things I've ever seen.He speaks and says nothing. I'm sick of that. I want substance and straight talk.

  2. Palin seems to be real. She appears to have personal integrity and experience managing programs and people rather than being a fabricated politician with no substance and objectives that are contrary to America's.

  3. Well said, BMW-Dick! She is the opposite of pretentious. The American people seem to have had enough of politicians who think they are royalty to be served. Palin is not like that, and it shows when she makes appearances like this.

  4. It makes no difference what I say or do or think…it is Palin , herself, that will propel her into the White House.PALIN 2012Live with it because without such a propulsion Americans will die wth Death Care and Taxes.The latter is all unnecessary.PALIN 2012

  5. Voters have proven that charisma alone can get someone elected to office. That's how we ended up with Obama.Fortunately, I believe Palin has far more to offer as a leader in addition to her charisma. I'd be pleased to see her continue her political service to this country.

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