Americans have no idea how USA was founded

A recent national survey commissioned by The American Revolution Center revealed an alarming lack of knowledge of our nation’s founding history. An astonishing 83 percent of American adults failed the test.

Among results that reveal the depth of ignorance among our fellow citizens:

You can download a copy of the survey report here. And remember to teach your children and grandchildren American history. Government-run schools obviously do not.


7 thoughts on “Americans have no idea how USA was founded

  1. Yes indeed. The saddest part is, that it is the Statist's public schools and the IVY League educations (taught by 60's "progressive" throw back professors)that are RESPONSIBLE for the staggering ignorance we see by the average American. Add to that, the dumbing down of America perpetrated by ENDLESS "reality" programs and day time (AND NOW night time) television soap operas (another Statist tool)used to "hook" the viewer in to more USELESS and repetitive viewing. All of this is DAMNED shame! Our forefathers and those who fought in Normandy & stormed Omaha beach would ROLL over in their graves!

  2. Speaking of resisting Tyranny. The largest attempt to perpetrate HARD Tyranny on the American Citizen in DECADES is going on RIGHT NOW in the Senate behind closed doors as Dirty Harry Reid (and Dingbat Pelosi) trade favors in an attempt to destroy our nation's health care system. Going so far as to FINE AND IMPRISON citizens if they do not purchase "government" approved health insurance. I implore our nation' citizens to turn off the television and turn on your PC go to this site: and READ about what's going on in YOUR HOUSE and YOUR SENATE! It is neither HOPE nor CHANGE, it is instead HARD TYRANNY and if you don't know that that is. I suggest you get off the couch and get over to borders or go to and purchase Constitutional Attorney Mark Levin's book LIBERTY & TYRANNY. This should be REQUIRED reading for ALL AMERICANS. By the way, for you Liberals…TYRANNY is BAD and LIBERTY is GOOD!

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